CapRAC’s mission is to participate in the development of standardized regional trauma care, as well as the establishment and maintenance of a coordinated trauma system to promote optimal trauma care for all citizens within the Capital RAC area.

The goal of the Capital RAC is to facilitate the development, implementation, and operation of a comprehensive regional trauma care system, based on accepted standards of care, to decrease morbidity and mortality resulting from injury. The Capital RAC will solicit participation from health care facilities, organizations, entities and professional societies involved in health care, and community representatives within the Capital RAC.

The Capital RAC will encourage multi-community participation in providing trauma care, work to promote the improvement of facilities and services, and cooperate with all member entities, agencies and organizations in the establishment of an efficient system of care for all injured patients.  The Capital RAC will collaborate with regional and state agencies in meeting the needs of the citizens of the Capital RAC service area in preparation for and response to a disaster event.